Social Philosophy and Policy

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Philosophy, Policy, and Economics

Are the questions defining Philosophy, Politics and Economic as individual disciplines really separate? Can answers be trusted when the questions are treated as separate? We invite a group of scholars to reflect on the issue of interdisciplinarity or to produce themselves arguments that showcase the best that interdisciplinarity has to offer. Under the influence of several generations of “ideal theorists,” we have learned to write as if the purpose of a theory is to accommodate a theorist’s vision rather than human beings. Instead, we encourage authors to identify, explain, and analyze problems of political and economic practice in context-sensitive and empirically informed ways. We aim to refocus on what matters and what works, encouraging academic disciplines to move from methods relying heavily on idealization and toward attending to trade-offs, incentives, and feasibility.


The conference, organized in conjunction with Liberty Fund Inc., will be held in Montreal in August, 2015.


About SPP Conferences

Each of our two yearly conferences culminates in an issue of the journal Social Philosophy and Policy featuring work on a specific topic that blends together theoretical questions in political philosophy with the practical concerns of public policy. 

About the Journal

The journal was established over 30 years ago by Ellen Frankel Paul, Jeffrey Paul and Fred Miller at Bowling Green State University's Social Philosophy and Policy Center.  It now boasts a paid circulation of over 7600, by far the largest circulation among philosophy journals in the Anglo-American world. The semi-annual issues are thematic in format. Our editorial team (Editor: David Schmidtz, Associate Editor: Carmen Pavel) aims to honor the journal's tradition of examining the philosophical underpinnings and the economic, political, and legal dimensions of enduring social policy debates.