About the Journal

The journal was established over 30 years ago by Ellen Frankel Paul, Jeffrey Paul and Fred Miller at Bowling Green State University's Social Philosophy and Policy Center. It now has a paid circulation of over 7900, by far the largest circulation among philosophy journals in the Anglo-American world. The semi-annual conferences and the issues of the journal that emerge from them are thematic in format. We aim to honor the journal's tradition of examining the philosophical underpinnings and the economic, political, and legal dimensions of enduring social policy debates.

David Schmidtz, Editor in Chief
Carmen Pavel, Associate Editor
Bas van der Vossen, Associate Editor

Upcoming Conference: 2018


The 2018 Social Philosophy & Policy Tucson conference will help to define future philosophical study of moral responsibility. Authors have been invited to develop novel approaches to questions in the field, while at the same time addressing the state of research in moral responsibility today. Current approaches to questions of moral responsibility take several distinct forms. Philosophers like T. M. Scanlon may think of moral responsibility as falling squarely within the domain of first-order moral theory: blameworthiness results from impaired relationships with others. A second group focuses on presuppositions of agency as embedded in reactive attitudes. Here, the possession of agency-capacities is especially important. Yet others take a “bottom up” approach to theorizing about moral responsibility: metaphysical questions ought to be understood independently of the nature of moral responsibility, but some sort of free agency is required for moral responsibility. These three ideas have shaped research in the field in recent years. In part, this conference aims to highlight some of the philosophers who will define the next generation of thought on moral responsibility. By bringing these scholars and luminaries in the field together, we hope to create a productive and stimulating weekend. Papers from this conference will be featured in the summer 2019 issue of Social Philosophy & Policy. The guest editor for this issue is Michael McKenna, Keith Lehrer Chair of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. Please contact us with any additional questions.